CivicCamp Operating Manual

Code of conduct: We discuss and decide in a civil way and act in a manner that is lawful, consistent with informed debate, and conducive to building a great Calgary region.

Official endorsement and comment: The members of CivicCamp decide when CivicCamp will officially endorse or comment on something.

Cabins: If the membership approves, CivicCampers will establish Cabins to carry out activities under the banner of CivicCamp.  Cabins are groups of people who organize to take action on a particular issue.  Each Cabin determines how it will make decisions.  The decision to establish a Cabin will include direction on what the Cabin may officially comment on or endorse.  Cabins are open to any member.

Cabin decision-making: The process for making decisions within Cabins or other groups will be determined by the CivicCampers working on an issue.  The process may be formal or informal and must be fair, effective, and open to any member. 

Logistics Tent: A Logistics Tent will coordinate activities.  Issues related to the code of conduct, geographic limits, membership, spokespersons, and other matters will be referred to the Logistics Tent.  On issues referred to it, the Logistics Tent will provide either a decision or a recommendation for action to resolve the problem.  The Logistics Tent is not CivicCamp’s “ruling body.”  The only ruling body is the members.

Geographic limits: The Calgary region includes those areas directly influencing or influenced by what happens in Calgary. 

Members: A member is anyone who values what CivicCamp stands for and signs up as a member. 

Membership list: The list of members will be maintained by the Logistics Tent.

Political issues: In its efforts to improve economic, social, and environmental conditions, the membership, a Cabin, or the Logistics Tent may become involved in political issues.  However, the membership, a Cabin, or the Logistics Tent will not adopt partisan political positions, take part in partisan political activities, or endorse incumbents, candidates, political parties, or the political positions of other groups or individuals.

Political involvement: If the membership, a Cabin, or the Logistics Tent becomes involved politically, it will, in a civil and impartial manner, identify issues, analyze the choices and consequences, and document the positions of individuals or organizations.

Political code of conduct: Political involvement on behalf of CivicCamp will follow these rules:

  • Information will be presented in an informative, accurate, and well-reasoned way, including addressing serious arguments and relevant facts to the contrary.
  • Activities will be designed to generate a public benefit.
  • Information may be provided on how elected representatives voted on issues connected with CivicCamp’s purpose without singling out the voting pattern on an issue of any elected representative or political party.
  • News and information from other sources concerning what CivicCamp values may be distributed to the membership by a Cabin or the Logistics Tent.
  • The membership, a Cabin, or the Logistics Tent shall not support or oppose any political party, incumbent, or candidate for public office.