Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee

CivicCamp was pleased to be a part of the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee during its first term from 2011-2013.  The committee at that time consisted of individuals as well as representatives of groups like Calgary 2012, the Calgary Foundation, CivicCamp, the Federation of Calgary Communities, Volunteer Calgary and Youth Central and was dedicated to urging all Calgarians to take action in our communities to make Calgary even better.  In 2011, the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee launched 3 Things for Calgary, a movement that encourages Calgarians to:

  1. Think of 3 Things they can commit to as individuals on their street, in their community or across our city.
  2. Do those 3 Things and share them with the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee and each other
  3. Encourage 3 more people to do the same

We know CivicCampers are already inclined towards action when it comes to building a better city for us all so why not combine and amplify those actions by joining other Calgarians in the 3 Things for Calgary movement?  Click the link below to find out more about participating in 3 Things for Calgary.

Find out more here!