May 10th CivicCamp Postponed

First, congratulations to Bike Calgary … and City Council & Administration … for a successful effort bringing cycle tracks to Calgary.

As we have seen with PlanIt, the Election Forums, campaign finance, etc., a small group of people focused on a specific initiative is where we as CivicCampers have made the greatest difference.

We are all committed in one way or another to targeted efforts to make Calgary a better place but after the sustained energy of the weeks leading up to the Cycle Tracks debate at Council, many of our volunteers are ready for a well-earned break. For that reason, we have chosen to postpone our May 10th CivicCamp gathering for the moment. We will instead focus on holding smaller get-togethers over the next few months that provide the resources, support, and networking opportunities CivicCampers need to get stuff done. Stay tuned.

Note: For those who have already purchased a ticket, you will be receiving a full refund within 5 business days. If you still have not received your refund after that, please contact