CivicCamp Charter

What is CivicCamp?

CivicCamp is a democratic, non-partisan, public advocacy group, enabling people to engage in the evolution of a richer social fabric and environmentally, socially, and fiscally sustainable community.  The underlying principle is that democracy is not something we have; it’s something we make.

CivicCamp values:

  • Great public spaces activated by residents.
  • A city and region of vibrant urban villages.
  • An integrated, interconnected, sustainable, affordable and equitable transportation system for all people and all modes – walk, bike, wheelchair, bus, train, auto, air.
  • Coordinated development of transportation and land use.
  • Affordable and accessible housing.
  • A social environment in which diversity is respected, human rights are protected, responsibilities are fulfilled, individual and community progress is supported, and cooperation prevails over conflict.
  • An intimate connection to the land and the food that sustains us with food security as a high-priority issue.
  • Child, youth, senior, and disability friendly development.
  • Transparent, fair, and citizen-driven governance.
  • A network of citizens that can respond quickly to issues.
  • A healthy and sustainable environment.

CivicCamp will defend what works and fix what doesn’t.

Who’s in charge?

The members of CivicCamp are in charge.

Is there a structure to decision-making?

Yes, but it’s minimal.  CivicCamp’s structure will not get in the way of embracing the best of human creativity, achieving positive, credible solutions, and having fun while doing it.

Most of the action occurs in Cabins that are self-organizing and self-governing.

Who are the CivicCamp members?

A member is anyone who values what CivicCamp stands for and signs up as a member.

Are there geographic limits to the issues that will be dealt with by CivicCamp?

Yes.  The Calgary region includes those areas directly influencing or influenced by what happens in Calgary.  The geographic limits will be defined by the CivicCampers working on an issue.