CycleTrackSignThe original, authentic, one-and-only CivicCamp was founded in 2009 by Calgarians from many walks of life seeking to build a better city through enhanced forms of citizen participation and community engagement. Over the past five years we have proudly advocated for a wide variety of initiatives that will improve our city economically, environmentally, and socially while actively engaging Calgarians in our local democracy.

One of the primary needs we established very early on was a desire by Calgarians for an integrated, interconnected, sustainable, affordable and equitable multi-modal transportation system. And now as we approach a pivotal April 28th City Council meeting, CivicCamp is very proud to announce our strong endorsement by our membership for the Centre City Cycle Track Network as an integral part of our city-wide transportation system.

The Centre City Cycle Track Network represents a vitally needed option for mobility that will provide rapid, convenient, and safe transportation routes for cyclists of all ability levels – while allowing for more parking and lane space for longer-distance commuters and commercial vehicles requiring access the Centre City. Looking forward to the future, the Cycle Track Network will allow for increased long-term capacity of daily trips into our Centre City thus greatly benefitting employers, local businesses, retail shops, and tourism activities. The public health benefits of municipalities that invest in dedicated cycling infrastructure are readily evident – and we also support the Centre City Network for Calgary as a means towards improved quality of life, public health, and air quality.

A number of great strides have been taken by our City Council in the past five years solidifying our city’s reputation city as a place that continues to evolve and grow into an internationally-recognized destination for business, recreation, arts and culture, with a very high quality of life for residents. We greatly look forward to the continued support of all members of City Council for the Centre City Cycle Track Network as another bold step towards an environmentally, socially, and fiscally sustainable community.

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