2010 Calgary Municipal Election

CivicCamp and the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election

CivicCamp remained firmly non-partisan but very much involved during the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election.  Our initiatives included the following:

Crowdsourcing of Questions for Candidates

Usually readily available online crowdsourcing tools, CivicCamp invited Calgarians to submit questions they would like to pose to all Aldermanic and Mayoral candidates.  Participants then voted on the questions.  The top 10 were included in a survey distributed to all candidates on nomination day and used as the basis for questions used in CivicCamp-hosted Ward forums.

Candidate Forums in Every Ward

CivicCamp is proud to have been the only citizens’ group to have organized 15 non-partisan forums during the 2010 Municipal Election:  one in every one of 14 Calgary wards and a Mayoral forum.  In fact, we believe we are the only group to have ever organized Citizens’ Forums for the Mayoral race and each Aldermanic race in a Calgary municipal election.  The key to this effort was a tireless, dedicated and hard-working team of volunteers and the support and sponsorship of CBC Calgary, FFWD Weekly, First Calgary Financial, Metro News and Students’ Union of the University of Calgary.