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CivicCamp is a place where ideas are heard, tools are offered and changes are made.

1. Stay in the loop: CivicCamp is about civic engagement. But before you act you need to know how to be effective, who else might be working on the same thing and what relevant events are unfolding. If you’ve read our Charter and like what we’re about, then join CivicCamp and receive emails about our action groups, activities and events.

2. Participate: At CivicCamp,  there’s something for everybody. We act where citizens see room for improvement. We post volunteer opportunities and event notices to our membership list. Members can post events, calls to action and information on our Facebook Page or via our online discussion group.

Recent Blog Posts

May 10th CivicCamp Postponed

First, congratulations to Bike Calgary … and City Council & Administration … for a successful effort bringing cycle tracks to Calgary. As we have seen with PlanIt, the Election Forums, campaign finance, etc., a small group of people focused on a specific initiative is where we as CivicCampers have made the greatest difference. We are [...]


CivicCamp Calgary endorses the Centre City Cycle Track Network!

The original, authentic, one-and-only CivicCamp was founded in 2009 by Calgarians from many walks of life seeking to build a better city through enhanced forms of citizen participation and community engagement. Over the past five years we have proudly advocated for a wide variety of initiatives that will improve our city economically, environmentally, and socially [...]

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How much do our election initiatives cost?

If you ever wondered how much it costs us to get our forums and other election initiatives going, the answer is it's not a lot. While there are some  costs that can't be avoided, we are very fortunate to have a number of dedicate volunteers who have put in hundreds of hours into preparing our [...]

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Hey, can we talk about membership?

The Upgrade Project, Continued: CivicCamp has won a great deal of respect in its very short life but the untraditional nature of our un-organization does have its challenges. For this reason we embarked on The Upgrade Project earlier this year to look at ways to add just a little bit more structure, clarity and transparency [...]


The 2013 Municipal Election Working Group

Building upon the successes CivicCamp had during the 2010 municipal election, a bunch of volunteers (both old and new faces) have come together again to see what we can do to help citizens be more informed and engaged during the 2013 municipal election. Before we discuss what we have been up to, we wanted to [...]


Good governance: the gift that keeps on giving

This past few weeks the usually yawn-inducing topic of governance has figured prominently in newspaper headlines. Of note, Mayor Nenshi was lauded for his decision to hold off on fundraising and concentrate on governing and yet criticized for the steep entry fee to his first fundraiser; and The Economist carried a special feature singling out good governance [...]